The Mayflower charity foundation for children fights child poverty in Sweden

Majblomman is Sweden’s biggest children’s charity organisation. We improve children’s conditions and combat child poverty in Sweden. Our vision is for every child in Sweden to be included in the community with their friends, in school and during their free time.

The Mayflower charity foundation for children serves the child’s best interest at many levels

The issues that Majblomman pursues originate in the grant applications received by our local associations. When we see problems arising because current legislation is not followed or interpreted on the basis of the child’s best interests, our work on making an impact begins.

Since children’s needs are immediate, Majblomman’s help works on several levels. Our local associations provide financial aid while we work forming public opinion over the long term. With children’s best interests at heart, Majblomman addresses politicians and other decision-makers. Our public opinion work is conducted via many different channels, from opinion pieces in the press and appearances on TV shows to network meetings and lectures.

Majblomman’s priority issues are currently the following:

  • Children’s right to schooling without fees
  • Children’s right to free spectacles
  • Children’s right to a good summer holiday

Majblomman is a knowledge partner and popular educator. Through grant applications to our local Majblomma associations, and through our volunteers’ work and experience, we have a unique, up-to-date picture of children’s situations. We spread knowledge in various ways, for example through seminars and reports.


Children’s needs are immediate and cannot wait

Majblomman leaves no child behind. We give grants that enable them to go on the school outing taking place today! Our view is that it is the responsibility of adults to influence politicians and other decision-makers; children should be allowed to be children without having to take adult responsibility or having to deal with the consequences of political priorities that have not been analysed on the basis of the Child Convention.


Research in order to prevent and alleviate

Majblomman annually awards research grants to social and medical research about children that is aimed at preventing, curing and alleviating diseases, disabilities or social situations.


Voluntary contributions are needed to support children’s inclusion in everyday life

Is it society’s responsibility to ensure that all children have a bicycle or get to go on summer holidays? For various reasons, parents may not be able to afford to let their children share such experiences with their friends. Majblomman sees signs of what we call a kind of everyday powerlessness, and we can see that the gaps in society have grown. Majblomman is often the last resort, when society’s resources are not enough. Just 500 kronor for a bicycle or a birthday party could save the day for a child’s sense of community with their friends.


A nationwide network

Majblomman's 650 local associations are part of each child's network in their home community. The local association includes representatives from school , leisure activities, health and medical care, and the social services. They all have local knowledge about what public support is available, and in what ways Majblomman can supplement it. Our local associations independently assess and process grant applications from economically distressed families. Local associations also distribute money from mayflower sales to schools and associations, usually 10 per cent of the school's or association's collection. The tradition of selling paper mayflowers, majblommor, for charity is over a century old in Sweden.


Fund-raising is an important pedagogic instrument

Funds are collected through children selling mayflowers for two weeks in spring. These sales cannot be equated with other sales that schoolchildren undertake to collect money for their class funds. The mayflower is proof of a contribution to fighting child poverty in Sweden. The fund-raising is used as a pedagogic instrument in schools to develop children’s empathy for children.


Local Majblomman associations

Majblomman’s many local associations give grants to economically vulnerable children in their communities, and distribute mayflower funds to schools and associations. The collection of funds is carried out by children usually aged 9 to 12, who sell mayflowers during two weeks in April.


Grants from Majblomman

Children 18 and under living in Sweden can apply for grants from Majblomman. Usually, information is available from local school nurses or the social welfare office. Families are welcome to contact Majblommans Riksförbund for more information about applications. Majblomman’s fund-raising is controlled by Svensk Insamlingskontroll (the foundation for charitable collection control) through postal giro account 90 1907-6.